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Looking for Photographers, Videographer & Editors!

Minimum Job Requirements:

Camera requirements

Video Camera Body:

  • Can shoot 1080 60fps (anything above is a benefit)

  • Examples: Panasonic GH5, Sony A7III, Canon EOS R, Canon 80D, Canon 6D MKII, Canon 5D MKIV, 


**Some form of stabilization required for videographers. Monopod, Zhuyin Crane, Ronin S, etc.

Photo Camera Body:

  • Full frame DSLR or mirrorless

  • Examples: Nikon D850 D750, Canon 5D, 6D Sony A9, A7R, A7



  • Fast prime lens 1.2-1.8 for low light

  • Zoom lens with wide range (Example 24-70mm)

Other requirements


Wedding Experience

  • Shot at least 2 paid weddings for clients

  • Shot at least one full bridal/engagement session


  • Shoot 4-5 weddings a month

  • Available to shoot weddings for Tolman Media up for 1 year 



  • Motivated to master your craft and constantly be improving

  • Good at communication. Answers texts promptly and willing to call brides


Meet Your Area Manager

A few things about me:
1. Pickles are the best food group EVER
2. If I can see trees, I am at peace
3. There is nothing better than a Pinot Noir Rose wine.
4. I am a horrible traveler, but I do it anyway!


My name is Kacy Sloan. 

I love connecting with people, I love laughing

and I love how no matter what we are all in this together!

My life has taken many turns but when Tolman Media found me... I knew this was my final resting place!

My schooling is in environmental science, so the earth and all its beauty is very close to my heart.  I then spent 11 years in healthcare, 2 in construction, and 5 of those in management. 

At Tolman Media, I get to put all of these attributes to use; caring for others, building an amazing team, and seeing a project through from start to finish. 

I can't wait to tell you why Tolman Media will be able to help you and your business soar! ​

Looking forward to chatting with you. 



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